CKLau 4K x 2K Ultra HD 4 PortSwitch.


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Set Up


KVM Switches HDMI KVM Switch 4 Port USB KVM Switch USB Keyboard Switch

How to connect?

1. Connect computer to the KVM switch by USB printer cables and HDMI cables;

2. Plug mouse, keyboard and monitor to the KVM switch;

3. Supply 5v DC power for the KVM switch;

4. Open I/O button of the KVM switch;

5. Finish.

Technical Specifications


Package: 1 HDMI KVM switch + 4 specially KVM cable + 1 DC 5V 2A Power adapter + 1 manual + 1 wire remote push button switch.

Warm Tips:

1. Support Apple keyboard.

2. For Raspbian and Linux system, the mouse maybe be lag, you need to double click the right [Ctrl] + [Z] + [Enter], then the mouse will back to normal.

3. For MAC and Linux system, the mouse/keyboard maybe out of control, you need to double click the right [Ctrl] + [F2] + [Enter], then the mouse/keyboard will back to normal.

4. For the keyboard and mouse freeze, you need to Double click the right [Ctrl] + [ESC] + [ESC] + [ESC] + [Enter], then it could solve the issue.

5. If your input devices without HDMI interface, please purchase reliable converter with chip. Converter may affect the function of KVM switch.

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